Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Making All Things New

From Facebook the day of Beckett's 2nd birthday:
"I always said I'd never be one of those parents voicing that often felt sentiment "They're growing up too fast!" Having a child with developmental delays gives you a different perspective on growing up. However, here I am with this 2 year old who is so precocious and no longer a baby at all. He knows all of his letters and numbers 1-10 before his second birthday, and I know how amazing that is because of 4 years of personal research on child development lol. So I take it back. Beckett, you're growing up too fast. I love that you're the sweetest and the smartest of the smart, but I kind of want to put a book on your head and pick you up and go cuddle you in the rocking chair like we did when you were a baby."
I told myself I was going to stick to this blog thing, and I'm already neglecting it. I refuse to abandon it, though. My baby boy turned 2 last week. It is incredible to me to see him growing and developing the way he is. I finally understand what it means to other parents when they say that time is flying by too fast. With McLaine, time seemed to pass so slowly as milestone after milestone was missed until I just stopped actively paying attention to them and accepted our own special timeline. In fact, I actually laugh at every well check up when they ask all the questions about what a typical child her age should be doing. Despite the tiny sting, it is sort of funny to have to be asked questions about something that may never be a reality for your child or is at the least, years away from happening.
It seems that I always view Beckett through the lens of the experience of being a mother to his sister. Sometimes I wonder if it's that way with all first born children. Do all parents see their experience with their subsequent children through the lens of the first? Or is it that the uniqueness that is having a child with special needs as your first born just makes you see every step of the journey with a second, typical child differently? Maybe I'll never know the answer to that question and I'm ok with that. I wouldn't be who I am without having become a mother to McLaine and then Beckett. I've said before that Beckett was my healer, and that is true. I was really still in so much grief over the child I thought I'd have with McLaine. When Beckett was born healthy and began to display the tendencies of a typical and then a precocious child, it helped me to feel less broken. Like, maybe it wasn't my fault after all. It may sound ridiculous to anyone who doesn't understand this life, but it's very easy to let self-blame sneak in. Now, I'm able to accept and honor each of my children for exactly who they are. My grief has subsided. Along with that, Beckett was my final little push to gaining a relationship with God. Beckett made our family new, and in turn I was made new through a revitalized relationship with Christ.
With all that said, here is my wishlist for my son:
I pray that I am able to do a fraction of what you've done for me, for you.
I pray that one day you will fully be able to feel and realize what an amazing and vital addition you are to this family.
I pray that having McLaine as your sister forms you into a man who is both tough and sensitive: Tough enough to stand your ground and take up for those who need it and sensitive enough to always think about how your words and actions may affect those around you.
I pray that I am able to keep you on the path of the truest source of happiness in this life and eternity: a relationship with God.

I pray that you don't make the same mistakes I did, but if you do, I hope it turns out as wonderful as it has for me.
I pray that one day, despite all that you've hopefully learned and taken away from being a part of this family, that you will set out on your own course and be your own man independent of us as well.
I pray that you will know true love, laughter, brotherhood, fatherhood and most of all, that you will just be happy.
There is so much to love in this life and I just pray that you will soak it all up.
Words can't describe what my heart feels for you, my love. You completed us.
Love forever,



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